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We engaged Claudia Shannon of Shannon Design Enterprises to provide interior design expertise and services with the historic rural home we purchased in January 2016. Built in 1910, we wanted someone who could simultaneously preserve the home's legacy with fidelity to its traditional architecture and modernize the interior in terms of lifestyle, flow and entertaining guests. Claudia began with a thorough on-site inspection of the home, plus an in-depth interview with us about how we lived and worked in various rooms, and an inventory of existing furnishings we planned to take from our previous house. Claudia then devised a house-wide paint scheme for our "new" home, which was comprehensive in scope and continuity. In our case, the foundational colors came from the original wallpaper in the stately dining room. She also recommended a paint crew (who did an excellent job) and helped orchestrate our kitchen remodel and a new serving bar in our "coffee lounge" (which had previously been a breakfast room). Her attention to detail was invaluable, and her experience saved us both time and money. On moving day(s), Claudia arrived and helped us place the furniture, including some innovative arrangements and recommendations which we really appreciated! She has a knack for using existing furniture in new ways for a fresh look without having to always purchase brand new furnishings. Claudia's significant experience in historic properties, restoration and renovation coupled with her gifted talent for interior design customized to specific lifestyles was a perfect combination for our home project, and in the few weeks we've been in the house it's gotten nothing but RAVE reviews about the colors, furniture arrangements, kitchen remodel, etc. If there were 10 stars in your rating, that's what we'd give Claudia!Read More

I have worked with Claudia Shannon on a number of projects, both professional and personal. She has worked with me on three major Arkansas Heritage Sites projects for Arkansas State University--the Lakeport Plantation, the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum, and the Southern Tenant Farmers Museum. The things that have always impressed me most are her attention to detail, her insistence on accuracy and authenticity, and her recognition that it is impossible to restore a space without knowing exactly how people lived within and utilized that space. By the same token, on personal projects for me and other members of my family, she has done almost a complete lifestyle assessment to understand how we live day to day, or how we entertain friends, before ever discussing design, color, furnishings, or anything else that might be introduced into interior spaces. She pays attention to detail, whether it is a residential, commercial, or historic project.Read More

Claudia Shannon, in my experience, is an excellent designer. When I built my house in 1995, Claudia helped with the design from the ground up. She first met with me to get a sense of my personal style, not just my preference for certain colors and fabrics, but also for which styles appealed to my heart. We built our home in the country in NE Arkansas. I love nature and the outdoors. Claudia brought that feel into my house. She chose wallpaper that reflected the essence of nature and wall and trim color that were peaceful. Twenty-one years later I have the same paint colors throughout the living areas of our home. I still love the classic designs, colors, and accessories that Claudia chose. With the passing of time, we have undated some areas of the house. Claudia helped me choose paint colors to replace the original wallpaper. We also have recently updated the kitchen. Originally, it was bright and cheerful, the perfect atmosphere for our growing family. Now that I am in a different phase of life, I wanted a calmer space. Claudia chose paint in French Grey for my cabinets and walls and a paint shade for my trim that made it a bit brighter than before. Without undergoing a total, expensive remodel, these simple changes gave me a new kitchen. I am grateful for Claudia's expert eye for design. Claudia also helped my son and his wife when they bought my Mother's home, built in the 1070's. She assisted in selecting new paint colors throughout the house and gave them ideas for a bathroom renovation. Actually, Claudia has worked with my family many times since the early 1980s. I would recommend her as a gifted designer to anyone, whether the home is new or an older one in need of remodeling. She is a wonderful designer! Sincerely, Ginger SainRead More

Claudia is a highly qualified and talented professional. She has helped us on several large projects. We have used her services on everything from the start of house plans to the finish of the home, updating of an entire house, and refreshing of décor and accessories. She always does research on her projects before meeting with us and never disappoints with her ideas. Very seldom did we disagree with her proposed plan on a project . It was a pleasure to work with her and she always seemed to understand our wants and needs, sometimes even before we knew them. Also we never had to worry that something would not be done if there was a deadline she had to meet. All of these qualities have made it a pleasure to work with her on all of the different projects we have had. She has successfully completed a new build and four remodels for us. We can't imagine having done any of them without her help.Read More