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Who We Are

A Multi Award Winning Design Firm serving the Central Arkansas for over 50 years. Working as professional designers for over 5 decades, after formal interior design educations, our design thinking is not only innate but also intuitive. We are qualified by education, examination, and experience. Planning remodels and new construction is our specialty. Our team acts as owner representatives, consulting from the ground-up to the completed interior. We are available for any size project, design is design! As design thinkers our values of creativity, ambidextrous thinking, and teamwork with an end-user focus, drives all of our projects. A little about me.... I began as a fine artist and completed five years of Interior Design education. My husband, Howard Shannon has both four years of architecture and four years of interior design from Auburn University. Our combined education and experience has given us diverse opportunities in Arkansas. We look forward to planning your next home project.